Argilla Studio was founded in 2005. Since then I have further developed my previous work.

I graduated from the Fine Arts High School in Prague. Then I focused on ceramics, and later on I also worked with textiles and graphic design.

In the early 1990s I co-founded the studio in the Convent of Discalced Carmelites in Prague. Our works were presented in the Carmel Gallery situated near the convent in Prague-Hradčany.

Since some changes were made in the convent at the turn of the millennium, I have continued my work in the Argilla Studio. I use various art techniques, among others I work with potter´s clay, paint on silk and create applied art.
For several years I ran my own sales gallery - Argilla Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic.

The main activities of the studio are:
  • Paintings - painted on silk, raw silk, velvet, wool and other materials
  • Sculptures and reliefs from various kinds of clay
  • Ceramics - vases, bowls, ikebana, pots, cups, candlesticks
  • Scarves - silk scarves, shawls and ties
  • Jewellery – made from glass and ceramics
  • Liturgical vestments and liturgical ceramics
  • Candles – including Paschal Candles
  • Baptismal sets - baptismal candles and silk drapes
  • Graphic design - book covers, book binding, CD covers, posters, greeting cards
  • Extensive projects - nativity scenes, Calvary sculptures, altar mensa, furniture

Kateřina Němcová


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